Covid-19 Self Care Tips for Millennial Moms

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At a young age, Shaena would observe her father, a television producer, on set at the local television station working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Those moments inspired her to work both in front and behind the camera. Now she's made her way to be as a communication strategist, host, and lifestyle expert spans magazines, news programs and online media outlets. On social media, Shaena loves to share her experiences and journey as a new mom, advice on living a balance & healthy life, and PR tips on how to create awareness for your business. In her spare time, Shaena loves traveling, spending time with friends & family, movies, and trying new restaurants. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and one year old son, Shane. 


Balance Life


If we want to be great, we must keep in mind effort counts twice as much as genius or talent. We must commit to being a person who wants to be more, do more, and consistently test the limits of our capacity. We must make it a goal to be the most prepared, to stay late whenever necessary, to research consistently, and to invest in our personal growth. 


New Mom Adventures

lifestyle lifestyle expert balance life Infants are a lot of work but they are also at a very special stage of life that passes all too quickly. It’s nice to focus on enjoying the special bond that is developing between mommy and baby.


The Jam Morning Show "Summer Must Haves: Mom Edition"

I had a blast sharing my favorite Summer Must Haves for Chicago mamas on The Jam Morning Show!

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